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Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 00:00

The Concerned LSL Community Members seek to grow in order to more easily fulfill our vision.  We are in need of dedicated CA members who want to help us make a difference in the LSL CA by restoring true representation in its leadership and preserving the LSL CA as an affordable place to live for generations to come.

As a full member of CLSLCM, you will have the opportunity to directly participate in making positive changes in our community.  Membership in the Concerned Members is quite different from membership in the LSL CA.  The LSL CA is a Home Owners Association with mandatory membership based on where you live.  You cannot "opt-out" without  selling your property.  The CA has the ability to impose dues and fees on you regardless of whether or not you agree and the ability to deny privileges when the leadership feels you are not in compliance with its rules and regulations.

Membership in the CLSLCM is completely voluntary.  While our goal is to be as inclusive as possible, we are very much aware that a few people in the community would do anything in their power to disrupt or completely dismantle our organization.  Obviously we cannot let that happen.  That is why full membership is only available to those who we determine have a deep commitment to our mission statement.  The membership application process which follows is designed to ensure that the organization’s members honestly believes in our goals and mission statement.  Full membership means you are a trusted leader in the organization and entitles you to access all of the governing documents and the right to vote on issues.

1. The process begins with a sponsorship by a current member of the CLSLCM. 

CA Members may alternatively ask that their name be considered for a sponsorship by contacting the CLSLCM.  The sponsored person must be a member of the LSL CA, must not be on the LSL CA BOD, and must not be a LSL City Alderman. 

2. Upon sponsorship, the person must read the vision and mission statement and affirm that they will support the CLSLCM in its pursuit of the ideals embodied in these documents.

3. The person's name with sponsor will then be run through our approval process.

4. If membership is approved, the person must pay the annual pro-rated membership fee whereupon they will be installed as a member of the corporation at the next regular CLSLCM, Inc meeting.

What is the rationale for this process?

While this process may seem involved, there is an important reason behind it.  It is well known there are those who seek membership in the CLSLCM for the sole purpose of crippling it.  It has already been attempted on more than one occasion.  In the midst of the battle with the Board over the 2009 Bylaws Initiative when the Board was attempting to avoid action on a petition over 1/3 of its members signed, a LSL CA Board Member who had been vocally and emphatically against every action the CLSLCAM had taken since its inception (the CLSLCAM's opposition to the 2009 Capital Improvements Project, its choice of candidates in the Board elections, and the 2009 Bylaws initiative) pressed for membership in the CLSLCAM in frustration.  At the time, the organization was not incorporated so it was not an issue.  The founders of CLSLCM, Inc however knew they needed a way to protect the ability of the organization to carry out its mission statement.  Just like any Political Action Committee which promotes the goals of party "A" needs a way to protect itself from infiltration from agents party "B" who seek to gain membership with the sole purpose of crippling it, the CLSLCM needs to protect itself from those who have demonstrated that their goal is to sabotage our ability to carry out our mission statement.  This membership process is designed to do just that while being as inclusive to everyone else as possible.