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Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Thursday, 22 April 2010 20:45

Welcome to the website of the Concerned Lake St Louis Community Members, Inc (formerly the Concerned LSL CA Members) launched 4/25/2010. 

Please take a moment to browse our new Mission Statement, Vision, and Supporters section.  Over the past several months we've been dreaming up great things for this website as a tool to reach out to the residents of Lake St Louis.  We have a framework here that we'd like your help to build on.  We hope you'll not only look around but come back periodically as we gradually fill this website with planned content in the coming weeks.

But we also want you to be aware that YOU can help the CLSLCM be a success.  Visit our Supporter page and learn how you can be a CLSLCM Supporter!  (Don't worry, its FREE!)

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Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Sunday, 14 March 2010 13:21

We are an alliance of Lake St Louis Community Association residents dedicated to advancing and upholding responsibility in LSL CA leadership by supporting member rights, promoting transparency, and encouraging member awareness & involvement.

We will Support Member's Rights by

  • Assisting members in protecting their rights

  • Preserving the right of members to initiate changes and corrections in CA Government through petition

  • Opposing any attempt by the Board to influence or control the outcome of any CA Election

  • Providing members opportunities to make educated decisions in CA Elections

  • Developing common objectives with other members and Organizing member initiatives where appropriate

We will Promote Transparency by

  • Monitoring Board activity and reporting on its progress toward openness

  • Reporting on actions taken by the Board and its committees

  • Increasing the visibility of the organization as a tool to bring about transparency

We will Encourage CA Member Awareness & Involvement by

  • Developing a Communication Committee

  • Expanding Membership & the CLSLCM Supporter Community

  • Providing a forum for members to communicate respectfully about issues

  • Expanding and Update LSL Community Website

  • Assessing the need for petition drives and supporting them when appropriate



CA Newsflash

Our Edgewater Point Report - Revised

Since the 2009 Capital Improvements campaign, the Concerned Members has always been very interested in the details behind the $750,000 Edgewater Point purchase by the LSLCA Board of Directors under the leadership of former President Greg Jones. 


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