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Written by Concerned LSL Community Members   
Sunday, 14 March 2010 13:21

We are an alliance of Lake St Louis Community Association residents dedicated to advancing and upholding responsibility in LSL CA leadership by supporting member rights, promoting transparency, and encouraging member awareness & involvement.

We will Support Member's Rights by

  • Assisting members in protecting their rights

  • Preserving the right of members to initiate changes and corrections in CA Government through petition

  • Opposing any attempt by the Board to influence or control the outcome of any CA Election

  • Providing members opportunities to make educated decisions in CA Elections

  • Developing common objectives with other members and Organizing member initiatives where appropriate

We will Promote Transparency by

  • Monitoring Board activity and reporting on its progress toward openness

  • Reporting on actions taken by the Board and its committees

  • Increasing the visibility of the organization as a tool to bring about transparency

We will Encourage CA Member Awareness & Involvement by

  • Developing a Communication Committee

  • Expanding Membership & the CLSLCM Supporter Community

  • Providing a forum for members to communicate respectfully about issues

  • Expanding and Update LSL Community Website

  • Assessing the need for petition drives and supporting them when appropriate